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Questions about CARXLEASE:

casino royale english online What exactly is CARXLEASE ?
CARXLEASE.COM (CARXLEASE) is not a dealership and does not buy or sell cars. CARXLEASE provides a unique service to individuals attempting to sell a late-model vehicle. Our typical Seller has owned or leased a vehicle for less than two years and finds that the three options of (selling, trading or returning the vehicle) are very costly and may severely damage their credit. CARXLEASE provides a fourth option that saves our sellers thousands of dollars and protects their good credit and saves our Buyers thousands of dollars and can help repair their credit.

CARXLEASE.COM is the first online marketplace for owners attempting to sell their late-model, newer vehicles without being forced to accept a ‘low-ball’ cash offer, paying thousands of dollars in early termination costs and/or damaging their good credit. Our function is to assist them in locating and qualifying individuals seeking to take over payments on their vehicles and to protect their interests from start to finish.

online casino book of ra Who can use CARXLEASE ?
As a Seller: Any original owner of a nearly new vehicle that is financed at a fair rate of interest and doesn’t want to pay the difference between the payoff balance and their best cash offer. Any owner of a late-model vehicle that is leased who doesn’t want to damage their good credit and/or pay early termination charges (usually thousands of dollars). Any title holder of a late-model vehicle who wants the best selling price for their vehicle and who would like to change it from a depreciating asset to an earning asset.

As a Buyer: Anyone with stable, verifiable income and residence, a checking account and a good driving record who is looking for a good value on a late-model used vehicle can shop CARXLEASE.COM for ‘non-qualifying’ finance transfers.

top online gambling casino Can I be both a Seller and a Buyer with CARXLEASE?
We encourage you to be both a “Seller” and a “Buyer” in this program. Many of our clients appreciate the advantage of flexible term financing and no high-pressure salesmen. In addition, Sellers who become Buyers are entitled to a 20% discount on future CARXLEASE’s acquisition fee.
vegas casino online promo How does the CARXLEASE process work?
New vehicles depreciate rapidly during the first two years of ownership. For that reason, anyone who wants or needs to terminate a loan or lease on a new vehicle during the first 24 months discovers it will cost thousands of dollars and, if the vehicle is leased, may cause severe damage to their credit. The good news, however, is that you must have had good credit to finance a new vehicle and, therefore, you probably have really good finance terms. In short, though your vehicle may have thousands of dollars in “negative equity,” it may be easy to sell if you can offer it as a ‘package deal’ with your favorable financing. CARXLEASE’s service allows Sellers’ to safely offer their financing for assumption online where thousands of potential ‘Buyers’ can view them. CARXLEASE provides the necessary contracts, verifies the ‘Buyers’ credentials and guarantees the process from beginning to end.
online casino paypal schulden Can I use CARXLEASE as a Canadian resident?
At this time, the CARXLEASE.COM is only available to U.S. Citizens in the continental 48 states (i.e., not available yet in Hawaii or Alaska).
paypal und online casino Why is CARXLEASE so successful at finding Buyers?
There are millions of individuals in this nation (especially during these harsh economic times) who have recovered from financial problems that damaged their credit. Once credit has been damaged, it takes years to rebuild. Until then, obtaining financing on a late-model vehicle can be difficult, costly and sometimes economically impractical. CARXLEASE overcomes those issues by providing a mechanism whereby those with stable, verifiable income can obtain attractive financing on newer vehicles regardless of credit issues. As an additional bonus, if their needs or their ability to afford changes, they can return the vehicle without further damage to their credit.
online casino free bonus no deposit slovakia How can I eliminate my liability when I do this?
If your vehicle is leased, you can attempt to locate someone who is qualifiable through your leasing company by advertising your vehicle on swapalease.com or leasetrader.com. If you are successful, the lease will be transferred out of your name. However, there are two things you should be aware of: 1- Swapalease and Leasetrader charge from $60 to $600 to advertise your vehicle whether or not you are successful (see SwapaLeaseScam); They will tell you that it takes an average of 30-45 days to find a buyer; They will NOT tell you that, unless you are willing to subsidize the transfer (perhaps by paying $thousands), the odds are small that you will be successful and while you wait, you must continue to make the payments and maintain the insurance on your vehicle; 2- Many leasing companies will not allow you to transfer your lease AT ALL while others require that you retain a contingent liability in the event the transferee defaults. So check with your leasing company BEFORE you decide to go that way, it could be a waste of your time and money. If you purchased your vehicle, there is no way to transfer a loan as it is YOUR vehicle, not the bank’s. The only solution is to sell the vehicle for the best cash offer you receive and pay the difference between the selling price and the amount owed (your “negative equity”). If you would like to mitigate any liability of transferring your financing, whether a loan or a lease, you may acquire the optional CARXLEASE Vehicle Management Agreement (see CARXLEASE Assurance) which authorizes CARXLEASE to become your “asset management” company for this transaction. Though the vehicle remains in your name, CARXLEASE assumes the liability for payment, maintenance, mileage, etc.
online casino deutschland login Is this Program legal?
It is not illegal in any state in the U.S. for you to lease your vehicle to another party. It is a violation of most lease contracts and a few loan agreements for you to transfer your interests in the vehicle without obtaining the permission of your lessor or lender (Mortgagor). Because your Permissive User has no ownership interest in the vehicle, and you are not assigning anything but a right to use and insure the vehicle, it can be argued that there is no assignment of your interest. In any event, the purpose of this Program is to prevent a breach of your loan or lease by ensuring continuous, timely payments and to protect the interests of all parties. In fact, in over 20 years and more than 1,000 clients, no Mortgagor has ever had a problem with this service.

Questions from “Sellers”:

casino slot konami Must the vehicle remain in my name?
One strength of the CARXLEASE Finance Transfer Program is that the Permissive User has no ownership interest in the vehicle until it is completely paid off. Therefore, if anything should happen to their ability to afford the payment, we can take the vehicle back and find a new Permissive User to complete the contract. If that happens, CARXLEASE protects the Seller’s interests and continues to make timely payments pending its search for a new User.
how to win on big fish casino slots How effective is CARXLEASE at finding a Buyer?
Keep in mind that CARXLEASE doesn’t “sell” vehicles, CARXLEASE helps you “sell” your financing. Therefore, if you have attractive financing, it is a virtual certainty that we can quickly locate a good Permissive User from among the thousands who visit our website daily. If your monthly payment is competitive, it is very likely that the right person will find the deal in a short time. If you traded a vehicle with negative equity and put little down, your payments may be too high to attract a good ‘Buyer.’ In that event, Sellers can increase their odds of success (i.e., improve the value represented by their vehicle) by offering incentives to their basic deal. Speak to your Account Representative for ideas on how to expedite the process.
blackjack counting online casino How do I save money with CARXLEASE?
Terminating a loan or a lease on a newer vehicle can be very costly. Many spend hundreds of dollars advertising their vehicles only to find that those with cash expect to pay much less than what they would pay at a dealership; those with credit would rather get the vehicle new and exactly to their specs; and the rest (about half the population) can’t obtain the financing. The CARXLEASE Finance Transfer Program© is designed to be a win-win-win – you get rid of your payment at little or no cost; your User gets a vehicle with more affordable financing than would otherwise be available; and the bank or leasing company gets all of the money they expected.
online casino best uk How does the CARXLEASE process work?
First, the bad news – new vehicles depreciate rapidly during the first two years of ownership. For that reason, anyone who wants or needs to terminate a loan or lease on a new vehicle during the first 24 months discovers it will cost thousands of dollars and, if the vehicle is leased, may cause severe damage to their credit. The good news, however, is that you must have had good credit to finance a new vehicle and, therefore, probably have really good finance terms. In short, though your vehicle may have thousands of dollars in “negative equity,” it may be easy to sell if you can offer it as a package deal with your favorable financing. CARXLEASE’s service allows ‘Sellers’ to safely offer their financing for assumption online where thousands of potential ‘Buyers’ can view them. CARXLEASE provides the necessary contracts, verifies the ‘Buyers’ credentials and guarantees the process from beginning to end.
four kings casino and slots trophies Are there any additional or hidden charges from CARXLEASE?
Most other sites charge you to list your vehicle. That way they are paid whether or not your listing is actually of any benefit to you. CARXLEASE charges you nothing to list your vehicle. If CARXLEASE is successful in locating an acceptable Permissive User who contracts with you to assume your financing, we charge your Permissive User a fee. Thus, CARXLEASE gets paid ONLY if we are actually successful in eliminating your payment. Further, CARXLEASE doesn’t charge you for our CARXLEASE Guarantee© service. There is a nominal monthly charge if you elect to use the CARXLEASE Assurance© Program.
mohegan sun casino How can I list my vehicle with CARXLEASE?
You should gather: several digital photos of your vehicle; a copy of your loan or lease agreement and a recent payment statement (if you have a loan or a lease) or a copy of the title if you own the vehicle free and clear; a copy of your registration; and a copy of your driver’s license (these items are required to place your vehicle in the Program. Next, complete the Questionnaire at Advertise Your Vehicle. An CARXLEASE Account Representative will contact you within 24 hours to answer any questions you may have and assist you in publishing your vehicle information online.
online casino forum singapore Once I sign the contracts, may I change my mind?
We recognize that you may be trying several different strategies for marketing your vehicle and may find a buyer from some other means prior to CARXLEASE locating an approved ‘Buyer’ for our program. If that happens, please call CARXLEASE and let us know to discontinue our search.
best casino slots to play Once my financing has transferred, must I continue to provide insurance?
The Permissive User must provide his own insurance before he takes delivery of the vehicle. He must also add the ‘Seller’ as an Additional Insured or Additional Interest on the policy. That means the Seller is notified directly by the Insurance Company of all renewals and pending changes and, since you are named on the policy, if you have any questions about insurance you can simply contact the Agent or the Insurance Company directly.
online casino history What happens if my User misses a payment?
Your payments are pulled from your User’s checking account automatically each month by an ACH transaction from CARXLEASE 10 days before your payment is due. Payments are automatically forwarded by CARXLEASE directly to your bank loan or lease account to ensure timely payments. If the User’s ACH transaction is rejected, CARXLEASE will act on your behalf to resolve the issue or CARXLEASE will repossess your vehicle and locate a new Permissive User to take over payments from that point forward. Regardless of the resolution, payments on your vehicle will continue uninterrupted.

Questions From “Buyers”:

online casino app real money philippines Why should I use this service if I have good credit?
If you have good credit, you can probably finance any vehicle you can afford to drive if you are willing to endure the hassle of dealing with a car salesman and the limitations associated with a loan or lease that you cannot extricate yourself from at a reasonable cost. Obtaining a vehicle from CARXLEASE means that your selection is more limited, your cash out of pocket is approximately the same, the transaction is simpler and quicker to close, you can return the vehicle to CARXLEASE whenever you want, it doesn’t impact your debt-to-income ratio and, if you trade it in, you receive a substantial discount on your next vehicle from CARXLEASE.
online gambling regulation act Is it possible to terminate my CARXLEASE Lease prior to the full term?
Provided your lease is not in default or you pay for any damages (including any for excess mileage), you may return the vehicle to the nearest office of CARXLEASE and receive a refund of 20% of the original acquisition fee after the vehicle is re-leased.
online casino australia free spins sign up If the vehicle I want is in another state, who pays to ship it to me?
If you decide to have the vehicle shipped, you must pay for the transportation upon delivery.
You should contact the CARXLEASE Representative associated with the vehcle by phone or email to determine whether the vehicle is still available. If the vehicle you desire is available, complete the Application at APPLY NOW. Stay in communication with the Representative throughout the approval process. If the vehicle you desire is not available, tell us what vehicle(s) you are looking for HERE.
If you have access to a fax machine or scanner, the approval process can be completed the same day.
You must have a valid driver’s license, a bank statement of a checking account in your name (or that of your company if self-employed) at a domestic Bank or Credit Union, proof of residence, proof of current insurance and the names, addresses and phone numbers of at least five personal references (friends and family).
A little honesty goes a long way. We are looking for honest people not those with good credit. If you can prove your income and your ability to afford the payments on the vehicle you desire, you will be approved.
Once approved, you are required to make a cash deposit or to wire transfer the first monthly payment to hold the vehicle pending its delivery. If you can pick up your vehicle in person, you must bring cash or a cashier check for the acquisition fee payable to CARXLEASE. If the vehicle must be transported, CARXLEASE will coordinate the arrangements with you. You may obtain your own transport or accept the transportation company provided by CARXLEASE. Once delivery has been arranged, you must wire transfer the acquisition fee to CARXLEASE. The wire must be received prior to pickup. The transporter must be paid upon delivery for the transportation cost.
All fees and charges are completely disclosed up front. You must pay the acquisition fee and the first payment on the vehicle. If the vehicle’s registration is due within 30 days, you will be advised of the cost (if known) prior to your acceptance of the transaction.
Monthly payments will be automatically taken from your checking account each month via an ACH transaction. You are not required to pay by Cashier check or money order. If you choose a payment method other that an ACH transaction, you may be assessed a 3% processing fee.
Vehicles shown are available BY OWNER ONLY!
CARXLEASE.COM is a Payment Guarantor, NOT a Dealership.
CARXLEASE.COM does not buy, sell or lease vehicles.