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Lease/Loan Transfers

official statement CARXLEASE is the Nation’s leading Guarantor of Auto Loan or Lease Payment Assumptions between private parties. The CARXLEASE Finance Transfer Program© provides a guarantee of timely loan or lease payments to protect your good credit and eliminate the cost of selling, trading or (worse) the repossession of a newer vehicle (see CARXLEASE Guarantee©). Find a Permissive User to take over the payments on your vehicle for the duration of your auto loan or lease the safe and secure way with the CARXLEASE Finance Transfer Program©! Your Permissive User pays all of the costs of the CARXLEASE Guarantee© .

Consignment Leases

learn the facts here now Consignment leasing is a fast growing program which allows us to help sellers who own their vehicles outright get the maximum value for their property. Instead of sitting around receiving lowball offers while paying hundreds of dollars to list the car for sale, we can get you 20-30% over your asking price. Like an annuity, this provides our sellers with reliable monthly income for an asset they aren’t currently using.

If an owner is asking $100,000 for their vehicle (a vehicle worth $120,000), we can offer as much as $130,000 by breaking it up into monthly payments over a 3-4 year term and a large residual payment at the end of the term. That means that they get residual income over the next few years as well as a big chunk of money after that. Of course, as with a Loan/Lease Transfer, Consignment Lease payments are guaranteed through CARXLEASE Guarantee© and the costs are paid by the User.

Vehicle Management Program

For a nominal monthly fee, CARXLEASE will act on behalf of those Owners who may not have time to perform even the minimal requirements of the CARXLEASE Finance Transfer Program©, or who are out of the country for extended periods (see CARXLEASE Assurance©). Our goal is to make this method of vehicle financing a winning experience for all parties, whether you are the Owner of a newer vehicle you no longer need or cannot afford or the potential User of a newer vehicle that you want and can afford but are struggling to finance.

predict http://retiredgrammie.com/78098-advair-diskus-price.html START THE PROCESS TODAY If you have questions about the specifics of the CARXLEASE Finance Transfer Program© – see Frequently Asked Questions. When you are ready to start, See if your Vehicle Qualifies by completing the information regarding your vehicle. Your Account Representative will be in touch with you within 48 hours.

Vehicles shown are available BY OWNER ONLY!
CARXLEASE.COM is a Payment Guarantor, NOT a Dealership.
CARXLEASE.COM does not buy, sell or lease vehicles.